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Of course the most commonly seen symptoms of scoliosis are a curving in the spine, if it is severe there is really no way to hide it. If it is a small curving it may not even be noticed by you or your family members and only by your Chiropractic care in Denver For Scoliosis. A good thing to know is once your body has finished maturing it is unlikely that your curvature will worsen so if you only have a gradual curve you may have no symptoms at all and it would not require any treatment.

Scoliosis Treatment Denver

If your curving is not very mild other signs and symptoms of scoliosis may begin to present themselves:

  • You may notice a decrease in your lung capacity making it harder for you to breath. This curving would also increase the pressure on your heart and both of these together will make it very hard for you to do anything that is too physical
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  • You may notice that your shoulders are uneven and that one of your shoulder blades is more pronounced
  • Your head might not sit directly above your pelvis like it should and will be off center
  • One side of your body may appear to be more muscular
  • You may also notice yourself leaning to one side of your body
  • Your hips and legs may appear to be uneven; this will make everything look uneven from your waist, hip bones and your legs
  • In females it may appear that your breasts are not symmetrical
  • Your rib not be symmetrical as you are pulled to one side of your body
  • As your scoliosis worsens you will notice your spine rotate or twist as it curves into an S or C pattern
  • You may have back pain that is mild to severe depending on how severe your curvature is.

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Chiropractic Care Denver – Scoliosis Diagnosis

This condition can be easily diagnosed by your doctor. If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms or if you are worried that you or someone you know may have this condition all that is needed most times is a simple physical examination and X-rays of the spine. The physical examination will involve a doctor looking at your spine, waist, hips, shoulders and head and should not take long. As for x-rays they are the most commonly used test and also the most cost efficient method that can be used to diagnosis scoliosis.

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Denver Chiropractic Care For Scoliosis

If you are diagnosed with this condition your Chiropractor in Denver will want to monitor your condition to make sure it is not worsening, as long as your curvature stays the same you may only need to use a back brace if you are still growing to force your spine to grow straight.

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