Gum Receding

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Receding gums becomes a health concern when the roots of the teeth become exposed, leaving the teeth at risk of decay, infection, and loss.

If people start treatment at an early stage, they can stop or reverse the process of gum recession.

If the recession is severe and causing symptoms, such as tooth sensitivity, pain, or infection, then various treatments are available. These include deep cleaning, medicating infections, and tissue grafts.

Receding gums is a common condition, but people often do not realize their gums are receding until a late stage in the process.

What are the gums?Share on PinterestReceding gums is a condition that damages the soft, pink tissue surrounding the teeth.

The gums, or gingivae, are composed of pink tissue in the mouth that meets the base of the teeth. There is one gum or gingiva for each set of teeth.

Gingival tissue is dense. It has a good supply of blood vessels beneath a moist surface, otherwise known as a mucous membrane. The gingival tissue connects with the rest of the mouth lining but is pink instead of shiny red.

The gums are firmly attached to the jawbone and tightly cover each tooth up to the neck. When intact, the gums cover the roots of the teeth and protect them.