Natural Cures – Are You Sick or Healthy?

Natural Cures – Are You Sick or Healthy?

How often do we encounter people who feel sick during winter months? Or people who say they feel sick? But are they actually sick? Let us think for a moment and analyze the situation because what these people are feeling might not be sickness but rather a healthy reaction of our body that wants to protect us from a disease. The human body is a system programmed to run on its own. Millions of processes happen inside our body every day.

Most of them are done unconsciously like breathing, digesting your food, blinking, walking and fighting off diseases. Natural cures can greatly enhance our body functions. We all take these functions for granted and the only time we take notice is when it’s already too late.

Viruses and bacteria have a great chance of getting past the body’s immune system when we are stressed. Once the body detects a foreign organism, it immediately retaliates. The body may raise its temperature to fight off organisms that die in warm temperatures. The body can also expel the organism through our throat by making our nose run or making us cough. If you think about it, the body has an excellent defense system to ward of diseases. We can strengthen this defense system by the use of natural cures.

Contrary to natural cures, most medications stop the body’s natural process of warding off infections. They lower fever, prevent runny nose and stop cough. We feel better but our body has not properly fended off the disease itself. The infection is now pushed deep within our system and is allowed to stay until the next time our body gets a similar attack.

It may sound that it’s already too late but natural cures can still bring back health to our body. Regular utilization of natural cures like exercise, a healthy diet and vitamin supplements is beneficial for everyone.

The next time you’re feeling sick you should ask yourself the following questions.

  • Am I eating junk food?
  • How much stress am I experiencing?
  • Am I having enough sleep lately?
  • Am I having too much sugar consumption?
  • Am I having enough exercise and physical activity?
  • Am I using any natural cures to strengthen my immune system?