Stay Healthy and Live Longer with Natural Cures

Stay Healthy and Live Longer with Natural Cures

During the recent years people have become more conscious of their diet. Over the years researches were published, books on keeping oneself healthy were sold and breakthroughs on the benefits of various health programs have been launched. Nevertheless, the average life span of seventy years remained very much the same as it did centuries back. If this is the case, what then is the contribution of natural cures or healthy foods?

It has been mentioned in the Hebrew Book “lifespan of seventy years”, “avoid gluttony”, “all food have been cleansed”. It looks like nothing has changed and facts remain the same. Companies have already claimed that their product is the best health-promoter and weight-reducer. What appear to be health-related products are in fact products of marketing gimmicks that only lure the public into using their money to buy empty promises. Even natural cures were no exemption to these strategies.

If fad foods are really what they say they are, they should have stayed and grown in the market. Do not be misled by the promises of products pretending to be natural cures products. No fad food will ever stay long to compete with other genuine natural cures products, primarily because most of them are too expensive for what they can do.

Go for natural cures foods instead. Use the famous food pyramid chart. It lists all the healthy and natural cures foods that are not only tasty but also nutritious. For example, foods that have sodium are needed by the body for detoxification and prevention of diseases. Fatty foods are also natural cures needed by the body for insulation and help in keeping the skin looking younger. Protein rich foods are also necessary for healing and promoting growth. Energy comes from calories, and a great source of calories is sugar. How, then, do we ensure that the consumption of food from each of the food groups is taken at the right amounts?

The main problem is one’s attitude towards the food he or she eats. Eating more than what is adequate is what causes the imbalance of nutrients and is usually the result of one’s lifestyle.

While science has its own classification of food groups, nature only has two food groups, namely food for nutrition and natural cures – food for medication. Each type of foods, both complements and antagonizes properties of other foods or substances. Turmeric, garlic and other herbs are good example for these natural cures. Different foods have their own function and counter action. Spinach in known to have oxalic acid, oranges may have some bad effects on people with certain blood types, and eating raw foods exposes us to certain microorganisms etc.

Many people these days see only money and they will do everything to market and sell their products under health category, so no wonder everyone is getting confused as to what is the true meaning of natural cures.

We should always eat a balanced diet. It will help us to enjoy life with natural cures that will strengthen our immune system and protect us from getting sick. This way we’ll stay healthier and live longer.