Surgery or Natural Cures for Treating Skin Lesions

Surgery or Natural Cures for Treating Skin Lesions

Currently there are many different natural cures and remedies that promise to remove unsightly warts, moles and other types of skin lesions. The effectiveness of home remedies and natural cures can vary per individual. However, it is believed that surgery is the most effective way of removing skin lesions. This procedure is typically done in a hospital or clinic by a doctor.

Surgery would require anesthesia to ensure that the patient does not feel pain during the procedure. The skin markings that need to be removed may be from various parts of the body but are commonly found in the hands, feet, knees and face. Surgery may remove unsightly lesions, but can leave a scar in place of them. This is why many individuals resort to natural cures to prevent any traces of a scar. Aside from that, natural cures and herbal medicines are easily available at home and are not as costly as surgical procedures.

Another reason why some would prefer natural cures over surgery is the fear of pain. It makes sense if someone who does not want to feel pain would use natural cures or remedies because these are not painful, except for plantar warts. These warts can be found on the soles of the feet. Treating plantar warts using natural cures are painful but the pain is way tolerable compared to pain during surgical procedures. If one chooses to go for natural cures, he or she still needs to be aware of the possible results of using these remedies.

If you really prefer to use natural cures for skin lesion removal, you can try tying a small piece of string or thread to the lesion and leave it there for about a day. You will then notice that the lesion will become bluish in color. Once the lesion becomes black, you can either cut it off or just simply wait for it to fall off. This is the complete opposite of the procedure done by a doctor, wherein sharp blades and scissors are used.

Natural cures can be an option if you are afraid of surgical procedures. There are many different herbs that can be used to remove skin lesions; however it takes longer for the lesion to be removed this way. Diligence is the key to the benefits of natural cures. Applying the herbs regularly will definitely bring about positive results.

There are several theories as to how warts, moles and other types of skin lesions come about. Some studies also mention that women are more prone to skin lesions compared to men. Also, it has been found out that as one gets older, the more prone to these lesions one becomes. Whether these researches are reliable or not, there is no harm in utilizing natural cures along with good personal hygiene in the prevention of skin lesions.

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